Amelie Pouliche (FR)

AMELIE POULICHE (FR) M, 2001 {19-a} DP = 3-3-8-4-0 (18) DI = 1.25   CD = 0.28
b. 1995
b. 1983
dkb/br. 1977 [IC]
PAS DE NOM (USA) br. 1968
b. 1979
SIR IVOR (USA) b. 1965 [IC]
COURTLY DEE (USA) dkb/br. 1968 *
ch. 1983
b. 1971
BUSTED (GB) b. 1963 [S]
SHIP YARD (GB) ch. 1963
b. 1978
MILL REEF (USA) b. 1968 [CS]
GLASS SLIPPER (GB) dkb/br. 1969
ch. 1989
ch. 1984
ch. 1969 [BC]
ATAN (USA) ch. 1961
ROCCHETTA (GB) ch. 1961
b. 1977
VICEREGAL (CAN) ch. 1966
ch. 1978
dkb/br. 1972
NIJINSKY (CAN) b. 1967 [CS]
GREEN VALLEY (FR) dkb/br. 1967
ch. 1968
CAMBREMONT (FR) dkb/br. 1962
OPTIMISTIC (GB) br. 1957

2015 Breeding: ALL THE GOOD (IRE)
Date of Last Service:  -
Pregnancy: -

RACE RECORD for =Amelie Pouliche (FR): In France. At 2, once 2nd; at 3, one win,
    twice 2nd, once 3rd; at 4, unplaced. Earned 23,000 Euro ($27,953 USA).
    Earned $27,953(USA).
PRODUCE RECORD for =Amelie Pouliche (FR):
2007 =Interakt (GB), f. by =Rakti (GB). 5 wins, 3 to 5 in England, $34,107
2008 =Royal Proclamation (GB), g. by =Proclamation (IRE). Unplaced in 2 starts
        in Ireland.
2009 =Unnamed, c. by =Proclamation (IRE).
2010 Not bred previous year.
2011 =Lovely Lily (GB), f. by =Dutch Art (GB). Unplaced in England.
2012 Foal died (bred to Hellvelyn (GB)).
2013 =Unnamed, c. by Hellvelyn (GB).

By DESERT PRINCE (1995). Hwt. in Europe, England and France, classic winner of
    $830,592 USA in England, France and Ireland, Hibernia Foods Irish Two
    Thousand Guineas [G1], etc. Sire of 14 crops of racing age, 1341 foals, 1001
    starters, 38 stakes winners, 639 winners of 2062 races and earning
    $39,791,481 USA, Spirit of Desert (hwt. in Italy, $390,078 USA$, Premio
    Parioli-Italian Two Thousand Guineas [G2], etc.), L’Indiscreta (hwt. in
    Italy, $213,425 USA$, Premio Carlo Chiesa [G3], etc.), Tarzi ($936,348 USA$,
    Hyperion S. [G3], etc.). Sire of dams of stakes winners Stirling Grove, All
    Legal, Fanunalter, Three Sea Captains, Alfred Nobel (IRE), Imperial Guest,
    Havana Beat (IRE), Marina Piccola, Pocket Diary, Jambalaya.
1st dam
DANSOLINE, by Trempolino. Placed at 3 in France. Dam of 8 foals, 5 to race, 4
   =Deflagration (FR) (f. by $Pistolet Bleu (IRE)). Winner at 3 in France,
      $31,350 (USA$), 3rd Prix Cleopatre [G3].
   =Lady Fonteyn (IRE) (f. by Jeune Homme). 4 wins, 3 to 5 in France, $82,305
   =Amelie Pouliche (FR) (f. by $Desert Prince (IRE)). See below.
   =Damnation (FR) (f. by $Pistolet Bleu (IRE)). Winner at 3 in France, $18,543
      (USA$). Producer.
2nd dam
PREMIERE DANSEUSE (FR), by Green Dancer. 3 wins at 3 in France, $73,651 (USA$),
      Prix de la Calonne, 2nd Prix de la Nonette-G3, Prix des Lilas. Dam of 7
   Bubbling Danseuse (f. by Arctic Tern). Winner at 3 in France, $35,571 (USA$),
         2nd Prix de Sandringham [G3]. Dam of--
      Bubbling Heights (FR) (f. by =Darshaan (GB)). Winner at 3 in France,
            $40,581 (USA$). Dam of--
         =Dadeland (IRE) (f. by =Desert King (IRE)). 6 wins, 2 to 4 in England
            and Saudi Arabia, placed at 3 in France, $50,895 (USA$), champion
            imported older mare in Saudi Arabia, 3rd Grand Prix du Nord.
         J’RAY (f. by Distant View). 9 wins, 2 to 5, $969,843(USA), Canadian S.
               [G2] (WO, $180,000(CAN)), Taylor Made Matchmaker S. [G3]-ncr, 1
               1/8 miles in 1:46.39 (MTH, $90,000), Bayou Breeders’ Cup H. [G3]
               (FG, $60,000), My Charmer H. [G3] (CRC, $59,520), Jessamine S.
               [L] (KEE, $69,440), etc. Dam of--
            GENERAL JACK (c. by Giant’s Causeway). 3 wins at 2 and 3, 2014,
               $278,358, Centaur S. [L] (IND, $116,622), Shakopee Juvenile S.
               (CBY, $60,000), 2nd Mystic Lake Derby (CBY, $38,000).
      =Feather Bride (IRE) (f. by Groom Dancer). Winner at 3 in France, $9,063
            (USA$). Dam of--
         MILLENNIUM DRAGON (GB) (c. by $Mark of Esteem (IRE)). 6 wins, 2 to 5 in
            England and NA, $503,505 (USA$), Appleton H. [G3] (GP, $90,000),
            Milcars King Charles II S., 2nd Manhattan H. [G1] (BEL, $80,000),
            Kelso Breeders’ Cup H. [G2] (BEL, $50,000), Argent Dixie S. [G2]
            (PIM, $40,000), etc.
         =Bless The Bride (IRE) (f. by =Darshaan (GB)). Winner at 3 in England,
               $4,758 (USA$). Dam of--
            =MEERISS (IRE) (g. by Dubai Destination). 5 wins, 2 to 6 in England
               and United Arab Emirates, $233,268 (USA$), Stay Tuned for Betfair
               Turbo Tennis Stardom S., 2nd Meydan Jebel Ali S.,
      Newmarket S., 3rd Meydan Abu Dhabi
         Pouilly Fume (GB) (f. by Polish Precedent). Unplaced in 1 start in
               England. Dam of--
            =Chala Ja Bachha (IND) (g. by =Ikhtyar (IRE)). Placed at 4, 2014 in
               India, 3rd A.L. Kohli Memorial North India Derby.
      No Frills (IRE) (f. by =Darshaan (GB)). Placed in 2 starts at 3 in
            England. Dam of--
         SINGALONG (GB) (f. by $Singspiel (IRE)). 5 wins at 4 and 5 in NA,
            placed at 3 in England, $261,516 (USA$), Tuzla H. [L] (SA, $48,240),
            Redondo Beach S.-R (HOL, $42,270), 2nd Buena Vista H. [G2] (SA,
            $30,000), 3rd Dahlia H. [G2] (HOL, $18,000). Producer.
   Ma Pavlova (f. by Irish River (FR)). Winner at 2 in France, $35,450 (USA$),
         2nd Prix du Calvados [G3], Prix Servanne. Dam of--
      =Ma Luba (GB) (f. by =Averti (IRE)). Winner at 2 and 3 in Slovak Republic,
         champion imported 3-year-old filly in Slovak Republic, Champion
         imported grass mare twice in Slovak Republic, Imported champion older
         mare in Slovak Republic.
   Haute Autorite (f. by Elocutionist). Winner at 2 and 3 in France, $21,651
         (USA$). Dam of--
      KOTASHAAN (FR) (c. by =Darshaan (GB)). 10 wins, 2 to 5 in France and NA,
         placed in 1 start at 5 in Japan, $2,812,114 (USA$), horse of the year
         in U.S., Champion grass horse in U.S., Breeders’ Cup Turf [G1], San
         Juan Capistrano Invitational H. [G1]-ncr, 1 3/4 miles in 2:45.00, Eddie
         Read H. [G1], Oak Tree Invitational S. [G1], San Luis Rey S. [G1], etc.
   Firstwaki (g. by Miswaki). 6 wins, 3 to 6 in France, $128,732 (USA$).
   Premier Prix (c. by Irish River (FR)). 6 wins, 4 to 7 in France, $56,495
   Mining Pass (g. by Mining). 4 wins at 3 and 5 in France and NA, $43,254
   Primatrice (f. by Risen Star). 2 wins at 4 in France, $22,402 (USA$).
   Dansoline (f. by Trempolino). See above.
   Big Nave (f. by Spend a Buck). Placed at 3 in France, $4,274 (USA$).
   Raj Dancer (f. by Rahy). Unraced. Dam of--
      =Water Dancer (TUR) (f. by Sea Hero). 13 wins, 2 to 7 in Turkey, $62,160
         (USA$), 2nd Nene Hatun.
      =Time To Dance (TUR) (c. by Sri Pekan). 11 wins, 2 to 5, placed at 6, 2014
         in Turkey, $41,207 (USA$), 2nd Osmangazi, 3rd Yunus Emre.
      Unbridled Princess (f. by Unbridled’s Song). 4 wins at 4, $50,864. Dam
         Karma King (g. by Pure Prize). Winner at 2, $71,570, 3rd Real Quiet S.
            [L] (BHP, $12,000).
   Shiny City Shoes (f. by Carson City). Unplaced. Dam of--
      Shorey Village (f. by Theatrical (IRE)). 3 wins at 3, $52,860, 3rd Judy’s
         Red Shoes S. [L] (CRC, $3,850). Producer.
   Swim Dance (f. by Riverman). Unplaced in 2 starts in France. Dam of--
      =Shadow Dance (FR) (g. by =Galetto (FR)). 3 wins at 3 and 6 in France,
         $113,545 (USA$), 2nd Prix de Reux.

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